Monday Morning Smile: "Tatooine" - Jeremy Messersmith

Ever since seeing him at SXSW this spring, I've been a big fan of Twin Cities musician Jeremy Messersmith, whose album The Reluctant Graveyard will end up near the top of my Top 10 list of non-kids-music related albums for 2010. And while I haven't had too many chances to mention him here on the site, this video for his song "Tatooine" definitely qualifies. At least, if your kid is at all a Star Wars fanatic. Eric Power sets Messersmith's lovely and lo-fi piano-accompanied Star Wars-inspired tune to the Star Wars Trilogy, illustrated via paper animation. The video justifiably went viral when it was released a couple months ago. Pay what you'd like for the track here (and you can do so for Messersmith's other albums), or simply watch it below.

Jeremy Messersmith - "Tatooine" [YouTube]