Video: "One Everything" / "QU" - They Might Be Giants

First it was Ralph's World, then it was the Imagination Movers. Let's wrap up this look at Disney's current set of YouTube videos from some of their artists by looking at the best video artist of the bunch, They Might Be Giants. The band's got a new CD/DVD set, Here Comes Science, coming out next month. There aren't any videos from the new set up yet, except for the briefest of snippets from new songs and the previously-released video for "Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)." So, let's console ourselves with some fine work from the past...

This song is awesome - the "please clean your room" aside slays me every time. (From Here Come The 123s)

They Might Be Giants - "One Everything"

From Here Come The ABCs, this video is quirky, quick, and, er, qute.

They Might Be Giants - "QU"

And hey, because I would like some cake, here's a bonus video.

They Might Be Giants - "Seven"