Video: "Farm" / "Can You Do It" - Imagination Movers

So, as I mentioned before, Disney's started posting videos of their musical acts on YouTube, and I'm going to post a few of them here. This time around, it's the Imagination Movers, who've just released a new album, For Those About To Hop. There aren't any videos from that album (yet), but here are a couple of videos from the first season of their Disney TV show, embedded for your (or your kids') instant gratification.

Imagination Movers - "Farm"

(I'm sorry, even after hearing this maybe 50 times or more, the line "The roosters! / The roosters! / The roosters are tired!" puts a smile on my face. I'm a dork.)

Was there some sort of BTO/.38 Special kids album that I missed from 1983 that the Movers are covering here?

Imagination Movers - "Can You Do It"