Last-Minute Kidzapalooza 2009 Recommendations

So, yeah, I already covered Lollapalooza's Kidzapalooza lineup a few months back, but in case anyone out there who isn't a regular reader stumbles across this thanks to the magic of search engines, here's some thoughts and recommendations on what to see and when to see it. All set times 30 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Friday, August 7
11:30 Yuto Miyazawa
12:30 Paul Green's School of Rock All Stars
1:30 Frances England
2:15 Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
2:45 Zach Gill
3:30 Special Guest
3:45 Lunch Money

Thoughts: Yuto Miyazawa is playing three sets at the Kidzapalooza stage -- everyone else (save the Q Brothers and Quinn Sullivan) plays two. I think it's safe to say you could probably miss one of them... My general feeling is that the non-Kidz schedule on Friday midday is weaker than on the weekend so you should definitely make sure you catch Frances, Lunch Money, and especially Skidoo on Friday. By Saturday, word will have traveled and Skidoo's set on Saturday may be packed.

Saturday, August 8
11:00 Yuto Miyazawa
11:30 Frances England
12:30 Zach Gill
1:30 Quinn Sullivan
2:30 Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
3:00 Care Bears on Fire
3:45 Special Guest Band of Horses
4:00 Ralph's World

This is Quinn Sullivan's only appearance at the stage, and Band of Horses should be pretty cool. Local boy Ralph Covert should draw a pretty packed stage at 4:00 PM. I told you you should see Skidoo on Friday, because the 2:30 slot on Saturday also features Los Campesinos! and an Animal Collective DJ set. (I'm also intrigued by the Atmosphere set at 2:30, but I'm guessing that ain't too kid-appropriate.)

Sunday, August 9
11:00 Yuto Miyazawa
11:30 Care Bears on Fire
12:30 Q Brothers
1:30 Ralph's World
2:30 Lunch Money
3:15 Peter DiStefano & Tor Hyams
3:45 Special Guest Joshua James
4:00 Paul Green's School of Rock All Stars

Sunday's pretty insane. Besides the Q Brothers, Peter & Tor, and Joshua James' only sets on the Kidz stage, you also have in the afternoon Kaiser Chiefs (it'll be a fun set, Dan Deacon, the Raveonettes and Bat For Lashes. You will also have one pooped out kid if you're thinking of seeing later that day Neko Case, Lou Reed, Silversun Pickups, and, er, Jane's Addiction. On the other, maybe hanging out at the Kidz stage all afternoon isn't such a bad idea...