WooTwoZooTube! (Or, The Terrible Twos in Phoenix, Now on Video)

The Terrible Twos (or, at least, Matt Pryor and Eric McCann) put on a great show last night at Phoenix's Modified Arts. I'll have a recap with photos up soon, I hope, but in the meantime, here's 19 minutes of video from the show, featuring songs from both their albums, split up into 8 tiny nuggets.

The Terrible Twos - "Old Man Miller"

"A song about a porcupine..."
The Terrible Twos - "When I Get To Eleven"

They actually kicked off the concert with this, then did "Old Man Miller." Everything from here on out is chronological order. Why you'd care I'm not really sure, but I feel compelled to mention it.

The Terrible Twos - "Ladybug"

The Terrible Twos - "Big Baby J"

The Terrible Twos - "Olly Olly Oxen Free"

So, yeah, I was sitting down at this point and the floorboards in that part of Modified aren't the most secure. If you've got the audience dancing and jumping.

The Terrible Twos - "Jump Jump Jump"

I like the way Pryor adlibs his way out of some chord issues. Also, see prior note re: floorboards. Finally, listen to the very tuneful "yeah, yeah, yeah."

The Terrible Twos - "We Can All Get Along With Dinosaurs"

Dinosaurs screech, apparently.

The Terrible Twos - "Jerzy the Giant"

I can't whistle for more than one verse, so I filled in with some "la la la"s.