Have I Told You Lately the Terrible Twos Are In Town?

OK, I probably have. But, you know, I tell you all about shows like Kidzapalooza or the KC Jiggle Jam and nobody seems to mind that much, so why should I be so worried about telling you about a Phoenix show most of you won't get to see (live, anyway).

So for those of you who might not care about tomorrow's show because they're, like, 1,000 miles away, here's a stellar interview with Terrible Twos main man Matt Pryor. It's only maybe a quarter about the Twos (as opposed to Pryor's solo album), but there's also some great stuff on there about what it's like to be a working musician with family. Oh, and there are some mp3s from the first album plus some demos definitely worth checking out.

And just so you don't forget: Wednesday, Aug. 20th -- the Terrible Twos at Modified Arts (407 E. Roosevelt) in Phoenix. Doors at 5:30; show at 6:00. Tickets just $5 for adults, $3 for kids...