Real Simpler, or, More Real Simple

To those of you stopping by after reading my article "Music To Their Ears" in the printed version of Real Simple Family 2008, welcome! To those of you stopping by after reading that exact same article (but for whatever reason titled "The Best Children's Music" instead) in the online version, welcome! (And to you longtime readers, welcome back, of course.)

If you're looking for more details on the artists and albums mentioned, you can go to this post for a whole bunch of links. Or just wander through the links at the right.

I liked the concept of the article, actually. I sent 'em about 20 disks of interesting new releases along with some family favorites, but just like American Idol, once they got to Hollywood (or, in this case, New York), the fans (the kids and families) had the final say. Not quite how feedback of "dancing and head bobbing" led them to pick their two quiet-time CDs -- maybe it was the absence of dancing and head bobbing.