Video: "One Little Cookie" (and more!) - Justin Roberts

A whole slew of videos from Justin Roberts popped up yesterday, including a fan-made video (though officially blessed by Roberts) for one my favorite Roberts songs of all time, "One Little Cookie." The sound's a little tinny (fixed!) good, the video didn't compress perfectly for YouTube (fixed!) is good, but that gingerbread Justin is classic.

And like I said, the song's great.

Justin Roberts - "One Little Cookie"

Two more Justin videos after the jump...
"Tie Your Shoe," like "One Little Cookie," comes from his album Yellow Bus. This one is older and includes Justin and the Not Ready For Naptime Players in the video. Simple, but effective.

Justin Roberts - "Tie Your Shoe"

This one's already on YouTube, but it's cute, too.

Justin Roberts - "If You Got 1"