A Bad Day, Indeed

So by now I'm sure most of you have heard about Barenaked Ladies' guitarist Steven Page's, erm, difficulties. I thought about posting something, then decided against it, mostly because although you, the comfortably adult reader, probably had heard about it, your kids hadn't, and probably wouldn't. So it didn't really seem to, you know, affect you.

But I thought the band pulling out of their Aug. 22-24 appearance at the Disney Music Block Party Tour at the Nassau Coliseum merited at least a mention...
The show was the most jam-packed of the tour dates, so it's still a decent lineup without them. (Note: Bill points out that They Might Be Giants will be replacing them for that stop on the tour.)

They've done so, it seems, to avoid subjecting themselves and Disney to questions about Page which would certainly overshadow anything else on the tour.

All in all, I'm pretty sure that this marks the first time that a band's kids music album is inevitably going to be used for a "Behind the Music" episode, as on Snacktime! Page sings "Bad Day, a particularly sad but ultimately tender song about a kid having a bad day (natch). With lines like "I'm having a bad day / There's nothing you can do or say / To help me through this bad day / I think I'll just stay in my room," it's just a little too close for comfort, y'know?

But sometimes kids music isn't just for kids...