Six Little Ducks Across the Pond (Readers Who Need Readers)

It's time once again for kids music's most irregularly scheduled feature -- that's right, it's time for Readers Who Need Readers. Readers Who Need Readers is that wonderful post where becuase I'm unable to provide a fully useful answer to a correspondent, I open the floor up to you, dear readers, to fill in my knowledge gap.

This time we're answering a request from a Belgian resident who's says...

I'm trying to find good (English) music for my children of 1 and 3...and it's really hard to find anything else than noisy BBC "head, shoulders, feet & toes" type CD's. So I've started searching the net and have read already several of your reviews, thanks! But for various reasons I'm also looking for a source/reviews for British/UK based groups and musicians. No offence meant to you or American artists though!!!
There have been some good UK albums, but they've all been from "adult" artists making one-off albums (Colours Are Brighter collection, Saint Etienne, etc.). And although I've come across a few UK-based kids' musicians, none of them have particularly interested me.

So help a bloke out -- any suggestions, either for Zooglobble-UK sites or for particular artists/albums you and your family particularly enjoy?