Ep. 18: Tim Ferrin - Ella Jenkins Documentary "We'll Sing a Song Together"


In this episode, I talk with Tim Ferrin, who's directing a new documentary about the First Lady of Children's Music, Ella Jenkins.  Tim is using Indiegogo to fund the documentary, which is titled Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together.  The two of us chat about the process of planning a documentary, the campaign itself, and, of course, our (ongoing) memories of Ella.

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Ep. 17: Jeff Krebs and the Next Papa Crow Album

In this episode, I talk with Jeff Krebs, who's known in the kindie world as Papa Crow.  Jeff is using PledgeMusic to fund his second full-length family music album Full Moon, Full Moon.  I chat with Krebs about his entry into family music, surrounding oneself with music-makers in a small community, and his choice to use PledgeMusic.

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Papa Crow: New Kids and Family Album!

Papa Crow website

Papa Crow on Twitter

Papa Crow on Facebook

Frances England

Jonathan Rundman

Ep. 16: Suzi Shelton's Kids Music Album "Smile in My Heart"

In this episode, I talk with Suzi Shelton, who's using Kickstarter to help fund her third full-length family music album Smile in My Heart.  We chat about how she got into kids' music, why this is only her third full-length album (really, I was totally surprised to realize that!), and the myth of the DIY musician.

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Smile in My Heart - A New Family CD by Suzi Shelton

Suzi Shelton

Suzi Shelton on Facebook

Suzi Shelton on Twitter

Suzi Shelton on YouTube

"Cinnamon Bear" video

May 4 show at Brooklyn Bell House

Marc Bazerman

Suzi Shelton on StageIt

Ep. 15: Joanie Leeds' 6th Album for Kids "Good Egg"


I talk with Joanie Leeds, who's going back to Kickstarter to raise money for her forthcoming sixth family music album, Good Egg.  We chat about her path to making music for kids, recording in upstate New York, and what she learned about doing Kickstarter from her last Kickstarter project (for her previous album Bandwagon).  I had lots of fun talking with her -- sadly (really!), our discussion of weather highs and lows in our lives did not make the recorded portion of the chat.

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"Good Egg" - Joanie Leeds rocks her 6th Kids CD

Joanie Leeds

Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights on Facebook

Review of Joanie Leeds' album Bandwagon

Dean Jones' No Parking Studios

Ep. 14: Danny Weinkauf's Kids Music Album "No School Today"


I talk with Danny Weinkauf, who's using Kickstarter to raise money to release his first family music album, No School Today (and a few videos, too).  We chat about his musical upbringing, what it's been like writing the occasional song for They Might Be Giants (for whom he's played bass for more than 15 years), and James Jamerson.  A lot about James Jamerson.

A fun interview (and if you're one of those folks who don't like to back Kickstarter projects unless it's a sure thing -- it's already more than 130% funded, it's a sure thing).

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Ep. 13: Randy Kaplan, Fifth Album for Kids and Families


I talk with Randy Kaplan, who's in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his fifth album for kids and families.  We chat about the many different ways he's made albums, why it's better to ask for money up front, and the rewards he really hopes a few folks will pledge for.

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Randy Kaplan's new not-JUST-for-kids CD (Kickstarter project)

Randy Kaplan

Fans of Randy Kaplan (FORKs) on Facebook

Mike West