The Five Best Halloween Kids Music Videos... Ever?

Well, of course not. I mean, I'm sure a Halloween kids music video will come out next year that will knock number 5 below out of the list. [Ed.: Heck, I forgot one already, added as #6, that should've been in the top 5.] But they're five videos six worth your family's 15 minutes or so.

5. John Hadfield - "Robot Monkey Head" [YouTube]

OK, technically speaking this isn't a Halloween video. But it darn well should be.

The list continues...
4. Justin Roberts - "Trick or Treat" [YouTube]

This is a live video recorded with a low-res Flip camera. It is also indisputably one of the greatest Halloween songs ever written. Average the two is #4 on this list.

3. The Sippy Cups - "The Day After Halloween" [YouTube]

This is the best day after Halloween video ever. This is probably the only day after Halloween video ever, but that's quibbling.

2. Princess Katie and Racer Steve - "Halloween" [YouTube]

This year's addition to the list, featuring nifty animation, a 53-piece orchestra, and a decent song to boot.

1. Brian Vogan - "That's How a Pumpkin Grows" [YouTube]

Great song and awesome video. Worthy of the Great Pumpkin.


Bonus: Uncle Rock - "Picnic in the Graveyard" [YouTube]

Totally forgot about this video from Uncle Rock.