Classic Folk Songs for Kids (preview) - Various Artists

Classic Folk Songs for Kids cover

Classic Folk Songs for Kids cover

Artist: Various Artists (Smithsonian Folkways)

AlbumClassic Folk Songs for Kids

Description: Just a few months ago, I wrote for the Smithsonian that it was about time for Volume 2 of Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection.  Well, they've sort of done that now in this, the 26th entry in Folkways' "Classic Series." The playlist -- artists and songs -- itself is certainly classic.  Go to the link below to hear Pete Seeger, Bess Hawes, and Tom Glazer sing "Polly Wolly Doodle" and Elizabeth Mitchell sing Woody Guthrie's classic "Riding in the Car."

Source: Smithsonian Folkways

"Pie" - Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could

Artist: Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could

Song: "Pie"

Album: N/A

Description: A celebration of all things sweet and crusty.  OK, just one type of sweet and crusty thing.  Featuring, as Rymer puts it, "tasty slide guitar by Larry Campbell."  The sort of bluesy, gooey Americana that Rymer and his band do so well.

Source: Bandcamp

Australian Playground - Putumayo Kids (Various Artists)


Artist: Putumayo Kids (Various Artists)

Album: Australian Playground

Description: So there's a new Putumayo collection out May 27 from a land down under.  It does not feature the Wiggles, which I suspect the Putumayo target audience is OK with.  It does feature some usual Australian suspects ("Waltzing Matilda," natch), some omissions (no "Kookaburra"), and a bunch of folk-jazz artists (with a touch of "world music") who'll be new to the Northern Hemisphere. 

Source: Bandcamp

"Follow Me" - Little Miss Ann

Artist: Little Miss Ann

Song: "Follow Me"

Album: Follow Me

Description: The first single from the Chicago artist's Kickstarted album is the sprightly title track.  With spring right around the corner, this'll fit in quite nicely.

Source: Soundcloud

"Bubble Wrap" - Baron Von Rumblebuss


Artist: Baron Von Rumblebuss

Song: "Bubble Wrap"

Album: N/A

Description: It's been a little while since we've heard new music from the North Carolina-based power-popper, so glad to hear that Tray Batson hasn't lost his touch.  It didn't arrive via "ups" man, but digital will do just fine.  (Except for the bubble wrap popping -- gotta have the real thing for that.)


"Can We Buy A New Car (So I Can Have a Balloon)?" - Eric Herman

Artist: Eric Herman

Song: "Can We Buy a New Car (So I Can Have a Balloon)?"

Album: Party Animal

Description: Washington-based Eric Herman says the country sound of this new tune from his forthcoming album is more the exception than the rule for the album, but I like it -- very Wilco circa-Summerteeth.  The song lyrics?  Well, based on the title alone I'm pretty sure you can guess that it's not one of his tender ballads.

Source: Reverbnation

"Bongo Bong" - Papa Crow

Artist: Papa Crow

Song: "Bongo Bong"


Description: Manu Chao and Papa Crow and ukuleles?  What could be wrong?  It's a rough mix for a cover song off Papa Crow's forthcoming monkey/ukulele crossover album Monkeylele.

Source: Soundcloud

Other Stuff - The Alphabeticians


Artist: The Alphabeticians

Album: Other Stuff

Description: It's not really an album as much as "just some random stuff that's not on an album," as the band puts it.  I particularly like "All The Letters" (appropriate for The Alphabeticians), which is actually a reworking of a fairly famous song, though it takes a little bit for that to sink in.

Source: Bandcamp