"Night Owl" - Uncle Dox

Artist: Uncle Dox

Song: "Night Owl"

Album: N/A

Description: I'm a sucker for good jangle-pop song, and the paper-cutout stop-motion video from the Minnesota-based artist that goes along with this celebration of those kids who just don't like their 8 PM bedtime is very cute.

Source: YouTube

"Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)" - Tim Kubart

Artist: Tim Kubart

Song: "Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)"

Album: N/A

Description: Tim Kubart took a shot at making a poppier, dancer version of breakout his Tim and the Space Cadets debut hit, "Superhero," and rolled out a slick new lyric video to go along it.  It's chopped up, tweaked, and amplified, and he gets help from his fellow Sprout host Carly Ciarrocchi (and animator Avi Jacob).  It's lots of fun but I gotta admit, though, I still like the crunchier version of the song (along with the more narratively-driven video).

Source: YouTube

"Colour of Leaves" - The Moonlights

Artist: The Moonlights

Song: "Colour of Leaves"

AlbumThe Moonlights

Description: I know.  What in the world am I doing posting a song titled "Colour of Leaves" in mid-March -- presumably it's all about fall colors, right?  Nope!  Well, maybe it is, but there are lyrics celebrating the sun, tiny bugs, moss, and, yes, SPRING!  As a video, this is pretty boring -- Moonlights Dean Jones and Rachel Loshak singing and occasionally making eye contact with the camera -- but as a song, Jones and Loshak make for some wonderful harmonies.

Source: YouTube

"Cat Scratch Fever" - fleaBITE

Artist: fleaBITE

Song: "Cat Scratch Fever"

Album: In Your Ear

Description: No, not that "Cat Scratch Fever."  This one from New Zealand's best kids music band is odder, but also, in the end, far kinder.  Illustrated and animated with a slightly hypnotizing style by Philippa McDermott.

Source: YouTube

"Byke" - Baron Von Rumblebuss

Artist: Baron Von Rumblebuss

Song: "Byke"


Description: This is a fairly lo-fi video, a "condensed shot of our favorite bike ride" in North Carolina's Raleigh-Durham area, as BVR's mastermind Tray Batson puts it.  But its mellow filtered vibe and surprisingly un-sped up visuals match the dreamy song celebrating bike-riding quite nicely.

Source: YouTube

"The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow" - StevenSteven

Artist: StevenSteven

Song: "The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow"

Album: Foreverywhere

Description: Steve Burns wearing a headband with a unicorn horn, Steven Drozd playing 3 instruments at once, and an epic story acted out by, what, 7-year olds?  Psychedelic rock has never been so kindie.

Source: YouTube

"Rolling Down the Hill" - Justin Roberts

Artist: Justin Roberts

Song: "Rolling Down the Hill"


Description: A cute kid playing office, Justin mugging for the camera as he pretends to play Robbie Fulks' guitar solo, and a sweet fiddle-tinged folk song (with a fiddler to boot).  All that and one of my favorite closing lyrical lines in a kindie song this or perhaps any other year.

Source: YouTube