For more than a decade, I've been writing about kids music worth sharing.

Like many of you reading this, I was once a newly-minted parent, trying to find music I could listen to with my kids without going batty after repeated spins.  I was not having much luck, and what few reviews I could find were brief and failed to make quality distinctions between what was OK and what was AWE.SOME.

Luckily for me (and my kids), my interest in finding age-appropriate music coincided with 3 major trends:

1) Lots of musicians started thinking that making music for families was nothing to be ashamed of.

2) Lots of other parents started thinking that they, too, would like a greater variety of music to listen to with their kids.

3) Teh internets blew up big time.

In 2002 I started writing music reviews for my wife's parenting group newsletter and in 2004 I started posting those reviews on the internet.  Since then I've crafted hundreds of reviews, posted hundreds of videos, and written a million words or more on the topic of kids music.

I hope this site helps you find music you and your own family can sing, dance, and groove to.

Thanks for reading,