"Full Moon, Full Moon" - Papa Crow

Artist: Papa Crow

Song: "Full Moon, Full Moon"

Album: Full Moon, Full Moon (tentative title)

Description: After a detour into silly territory on his flatulence-themed EP What Was That Sound?, Michigan's Jeff Krebs (AKA Papa Crow) returns to the gentler, folkier sound that made his family debut Things That Roar a "gentle breath of fresh air" and a must-hear for fans of Elizabeth Mitchell and Frances England.   Featuring Kaivama and Kerry Yost (who sang with him on a couple songs on Roar), it's not embeddable, but worth going over to take a listen.

Source: Soundcloud

"Brilliance" - Underbirds (Todd McHatton and Morgan Taylor)

I remember hearing somewhere that Todd McHatton and Morgan Taylor, creator of Gustafer Yellowgold, were working on music together, and thankfully for the world at large, the product of their efforts is making its way into the world.  The first track from their partnership -- named Underbirds -- is out and "Brilliance" is, well, brilliant.  Oh so shiny.

"The Love Bubble (Unplugged)" - Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

Artist: Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

Song: "The Love Bubble (Unplugged)"

Album: forthcoming, untitled 2012 album

Description: The acoustic version of the popular title track from his first album has a tropical vibe and nicely features CJ Pizarro's soulful voice (with backup from Ava Flava).  Also: your shoulders and head will likely move in time from side to side.

Source: Bandcamp