"Triangular Triangles" - The Bazillions

Artist: The Bazillions

Song: "Triangular Triangles"

Album: Heads or Tales

Description: Another video from the band's Kickstarter project via eg design.  Songs about math are probably harder, generally speaking, to visualize than those about words (let alone stories), so while the base song works well, the video itself pretty much does a perfect job in describing those three types of triangles.

Source: Vimeo

"Anna and the Cupcakes" - Bari Koral Family Band

Artist: Bari Koral Family Band

Song: "Anna and the Cupcakes"

Album: Anna and the Cupcakes

Description: I'm sure there are plenty of kids who'll be amused by the song, which is a parable about gluten intolerance (or maybe about kids' fibbing -- could be either), but I'm posting it mostly because I love the animation style of director John Michael Bister.

Source: YouTube

"Five Little Leprechauns" - Peter Apel

Artist: Peter Apel

Song: "Five Little Leprechauns"

AlbumFred's Back!

Description: A simple felt and flannel board-based video to accompany a simple St. Patrick's Day-themed song.  I don't think preschoolers are required to wear green in order to watch this, but they probably will be anyway.

Source: YouTube