"Up All Night" - Caspar Babypants

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Song: "Up All Night"

Album: Night Night!

Description: A somewhat abstract but definitely absorbing video, the latest off CB's excellent lullaby album.  Because it's a lullaby album, random lights and rotating owls work better for the song than any typical linear narrative structure...

Source: YouTube

"Monsters Are Better Than People" (Frozen cover) - John Beirne / Eugene

Artist: John Beirne / Eugene

Song: "Monsters Are Better Than People"

Album: N/A

Description: My ugly little secret (until now) is that I think "Let It Go" is the worst song in Frozen, Disney's latest animated movie.  I get why it's become massively popular, and it's not a bad song -- it's just that for a song about embracing yourself completely, it's actually too restrained.  I wanted to like it more.  Much more successful (in part because of their more restrained ambitions) are songs like "Reindeers Are Better Than People."  That brief whimsical ode gets a reworked cover from Yosi's friends John Beirne and Eugene.

Source: YouTube

"Tails" - Red Yarn Puppet Band

Artist: Red Yarn Puppet Band 

Song: "Tails" 

Album: N/A

Description:  Though the spacy, almost otherworldly sound Red Yarn brings to the traditional folk song would have sounded just fine on his debut album The Deep Woods , this video actually predates (and doesn't appear on) the album.  For that reason alone, it's worth mentioning.  But also: puppets.  Six puppeteers strong.  I can't be the only getting Emmett Otter flashbacks...

Source: YouTube 

"Dance of the Rubber Chickens" - Sandbox

Artist: Sandbox 

Song: "Dance of the Rubber Chickens" 

Album:  Rubber Chicken Rock

Description:  This is a novelty song (in more ways than one).

But, oh, what a novelty song. 

Source: YouTube 

"Banana Man" - Glen Hansard

Artist: Glen Hansard

Song: "Banana Man" 

Album: N/A

Description:  This is a video Hansard recorded for the forthcoming Adventure Sandwich TV show (yes, I was a Kickstarter backer).  Yes, it's a song about bananas.  And, of course, being Hansard, it sounds great, but it's the puppets that make it re-watchable.

Source: YouTube 

"Valentine's Song" - Mariana Iranzi

Artist: Mariana Iranzi

Song: "Valentine's Song"

Album: N/A

Description: Simple popsicle stick puppets made (and singing about, in multiple languages) love.  Yes, I'm one month late with this... but I'm also eleven months early.

Source: YouTube