"Fuzzy & Orange" - Todd McHatton

Artist: Marvy Monstone's Mysterious Fun Time Dream Band (aka Todd McHatton)

Song: "Fuzzy & Orange"

Album: Todd McHatton Presents Marvy Monstone's Mysterious Fun Time Dream Band

Description: I think I like this video because the production values are adequate, not spiffy -- its "let's try this after-effect!" attitude matches the revved up, synthesized song.  Also, I love Finch's collar and necktie.

Source: YouTube

"Man Gave Names" - Aaron Nigel Smith

Artist: Aaron Nigel Smith

Song: "Man Gave Names"

Album: Welcome to the Village

Description: Yes, there are kids, presumably from Smith's "One World Chorus," who are monkeying around, helping Smith out on the song (see what I did there?).   But the real reason to watch are the puppets who remind listeners of the guest artists Laurie Berkner, Lucky Diaz, and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, but not in any legally infringing way.

Source: Vimeo

"Diaperman" - The Harmonica Pocket

Artist: The Harmonica Pocket

Song: "Diaperman"

Album: Apple Apple

Description: Who would have thought that a song called "Diaperman" would be so, erm, sweet?  I'm pretty sure nobody (over the age of 6) would want a "Diaperman" puppet, but that might actually work once you see this.

Source: YouTube


"Stompy the Bear" - Caspar Babypants

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Song: "Stompy the Bear"

Album: Hot Dog!

Description: One part knitting, one part animation, several parts awesome.  If I introduced Chris Ballew to Charlotte Blacker, can I take an itty-bitty amount of credit for the resulting video?

Source: YouTube / Original post