"I Chew" - Hullabaloo

Artist: Hullabaloo

Song: "I Chew"

Album: I Chew

Description: Steve Denyes has a new album out later this month. The album grew out of Denyes’ challenge to himself last February to write and record a song a day for 3 weeks.  He took the best songs, recorded them in the studio with band partner Brendan Kremer and a third artist, and a year later now he’s releasing a video a day.  OK, not really.  The title track is simple, but there’s enough humor in seeing the stuffed panda bear in different situations to amuse the preschoolers that are the heart of Hullabaloo’s audience.


"Up All Night" - Caspar Babypants

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Song: "Up All Night"

Album: Night Night!

Description: A somewhat abstract but definitely absorbing video, the latest off CB's excellent lullaby album.  Because it's a lullaby album, random lights and rotating owls work better for the song than any typical linear narrative structure...

Source: YouTube

"Grand March from Aida" - Dog on Fleas

Artist: Dog on Fleas

Song: "Grand March from Aida"

Album: Buy One Get One Flea

Description: Further proof that simple ideas, even low-budget ones, well-executed can be delightful.  The "Backyard Dorkestra" rendition of Verdi's famous "Grand March" from his opera Aida is a silly goof, so why not have a parade of assorted stuffed animals -- including a certain kindie favorite -- represent it?  The kids'll be amused -- so was I.

Source: YouTube