"Dolphin Disco" - The Whizpops

Artist: The Whizpops

Song: "Dolphin Disco"

Album: Sea Blue Sea

Description: Another nifty collaboration between the Montana-based band and their Montana-based friends at SciShow Kids.  This song's a little more information-dense than some of their other (already information-dense) songs about the natural world, so the kinetic typography lyric video format works well.  Did you know there were so many types of dolphin?  I did not.

Source: YouTube

"Fanny Pack" - Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Artist: Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Song: "Fanny Pack"

Album: Whoopty Whoop

Description: If you had told me that I would be posting a video that includes the use of Comic Sans, I would not have believed you.  But this lyric video for the first single from the Twin Cities' band forthcoming May 2014 album is so gloriously goofy (think of the song source), that I could not hold my churlish standards for long.

Source: YouTube

"Hokey Pokey" - Josh and the Jamtones

Artist: Josh and the Jamtones 

Song: "Hokey Pokey" 

Album:  Jump Up!

Description:  Yay for kinetic typography!  ("You put your Helvetica in / you put your Helvetica out...")  An energetic video (for typography, in any case) for the energetic Boston-area band.

Source: Vimeo