Shine and the Moonbeams - Shine and the Moonbeams


Artist: Shine and the Moonbeams

 Album: Shine and the Moonbeams

Age Range : 4 through 10

Description: Most of what I wanted to say about the long-awaited debut album from the New York City band I said in my NPR review of the album, but I wanted reemphasize how happy that Shawana Kemp finally got her album out into the world.  While it's not really the first R&B and soul album in kids music, it's the first that got the sometimes insular "kids music world" excited.  And while it's the songs that deal with real-life social issues like bullying and self-respect that could give this album a long shelf life with schools and families, I'm also looking forward to sillier, groovier, jazzier songs along the lines of "Do You Ever Stop" and "Shake for Eight."  Lots of fun, lets hope the success of this one makes the follow-up come out faster.  Definitely recommended.

Note: I received a copy of this album for possible review.