Good Morning My Love - Vered


Artist:  Vered

Album:  Good Morning My Love

Age Range: 0 - 3

Description:  The New York-based musician Vered tackles a mostly-overlooked niche -- original songs (not lullabies) for the very youngest kids.  There are tons of albums for the 4-to-8-year-olds, or collections of traditional songs and lullabies, but Good Morning My Love  is targeted directly at babies (and maybe young toddlers).  Songs about exploring things orally ("Hands In My Mouth") or the desire to have parents nearby ("Don't Leave Me") speak to the developmental needs of the very young).  Produced by fellow kindie musician and relative Jon Samson, there's a light, organic feel to the music (lots of a capella and hand/finger rhythms in addition to the occasional guitar, uke, and random real instrument), which is appropriate given that the hope is that the listener then sings these songs to his or her baby.  (Listen to a sampler here.)  These are fun songs, and while they're targeted at the very youngest set, some are catchy enough that parents (and kids) might remember a couple of them at the kindergarten swing set.  Recommended.