Orangutan Van - SteveSongs

Artist: SteveSongs

Album: Orangutan Van

Age Range: 4 - 8

Description: Taking a bit of a break from his work as Mr. Steve on PBS Kids, Steve Roslonek comes back with all-new album of SteveSongs, er, songs.  Several songs -- "Recess Rocks," "Orangutan Van (and Banana Transit)," "Flat Stanley" -- show off the ability of Roslonek and his songwriting partner (and album producer) Anand Nayak to craft a nifty hook.  I've always found the best SteveSongs to be those that allow Roslonek's humor to shine through.  "'A' Is For Silly," with Silly Vanilli, for example, or the cooperative/competitive duet of Roslonek and Nayak on "Song Without a Rhyme" -- they're distinctive in a way that more earnest songs like "All in This Together (MLK)" or "Our Tune," though perfectly well-crafted, are less so.  But the wide range of approaches means that listeners are likely to find at least a few (if not most or all) songs worthy of repeat spins.  Recommended.