Get Moving with Ella Jenkins - Ella Jenkins

Artist: Ella Jenkins

AlbumGet Moving with Ella Jenkins

Age Range: 2 to 7

Description: Whereas her last album A Life of Song found Jenkins surveying her career via a collection of brand new recordings, this new album is a compilation of previously-released recordings from the past few decades by the much-loved Chicago musician.  The title of this collection is deliberate -- all the songs encourage physical movement.  As is typical with most Jenkins albums, Get Moving will be most enjoyed if your kids (and you) actually join in, singing (and moving) along.  If, however, you're a preschool teacher (or a kindie musician), you could hardly do any better than this master class, listening with a view to learning how Ms. Jenkins manages to get her tiny charges to play and sing along with enthusiasm.  As is commonly the case, Smithsonian Folkways' packaging and liner notes for the 46-minute album are excellent.  Fun for kids, essential for those teaching music and movement.  Recommended.

[Note: I was provided a copy of the album for possible review.]