Jim Gill Sings The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes (Remastered) - Jim Gill


ArtistJim Gill

Album:   Jim Gill Sings The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes (Remastered)

Age Range: 2 through 7

Description: The Illinois-based Gill has been making music for families for more twenty years.  To commemorate the 20th anniversary of his first album, he's digitally remastered it and added a couple new songs.  Gill's called his songs "music play," and it's true that you (regardless of age) are going to get the most out of it if you interact with it -- "Silly Dance Contest" isn't nearly as interesting heard buckled in the car as at home dancing around the family room.  Gill's affinity for wordplay ("Old Sock Stew" and one of the new tracks, "Teapot Variations") and physical play ("I Took a Bath In a Washing Machine," "Spaghetti Legs") will appeal to playful families.  And while Gill is hardly alone in making music that encourages movement, his songs (and musical arrangements) are among the better ones out there.  Stream some samples of the 35-minute recording here.  If your family just wants to veg out and listen to well-crafted pop tunes, this is probably not for you, but for some families, libraries, and early education settings, this 20-year old album sounds just as fresh and inviting today.  For that set of folks, definitely recommended.