Kepi For Kids - Kepi Ghoulie


ArtistKepi Ghoulie

Album: Kepi For Kids 

Age Range: 2 through 6

Description: Just like his Fun Fun Records bandmates Play Date, the first album from pop-punk rocker Kepi Ghoulie shouldn't scare anybody who thinks that punk rock isn't appropriate for preschoolers.  (That's not necessarily true all the time, but that's a separate discussion.)  There are some similarities with Caspar Babypants, and it's not just the bald head -- Kepi's album is a mostly acoustic poppier and goofier version of Mr. Ballew's preschool-aged tunes.  I prefer the CB stuff, but there are some really good tracks here, most notably the sweet "Moonbeam" and the lovey-dovey country-fried "Days That End In 'Y'," which deserves to be on some dopey romantic comedy (or kid-friendly comedy) soundtrack.  I'm pretty sure it'll give your kids (and you) at least a handful of smiles in its 30-minute run-time.  Recommended.

Note: I received a copy of this album for possible review.