Happy Hanukkah - Mibblio / Matisyahu


TitleHappy Hanukkah

Developer:  Mibblio / Matisyahu

Compatibility: iPad // iOS 5.1

Size: 78.9 MB

Description:  Mibblio is back with another seasonally appropriate app, this time celebrating Hanukkah with reggae-rapper Matisyahu.  Matisyahu released "Happy Hanukkah" as a single in 2012, and while it's not a kids' song per se, it's certainly family-friendly.  As with their stand-alone app for "Miss Elephant's Gerald," the app takes the song and applies to it Mibblio's "mibblet" architecture, which allows the user to select the individual tracks (e.g., drums, keyboards) they want to listen to from the song and play music and chords (as well as percussion) in chromatically harmonious ways.

As with a lot of the Mibblio mibblets, the quality of the illustrations are key to whether the overall effect is positive, and Hilli Kushnir's artwork is tremendous in this regard, providing a series of joyful tableux (e.g., flying dreidels, twinkling candles, a playful kitten representing the lion of Judah) to accompany the celebratory text.

One note for Mibblio fans -- unlike the "Miss Elephant's Gerald" app, this is not available in the main Mibblio app.  So at $2.99, some families may not want to spend that amount for an app whose playability is limited to maybe 2 or 3 weeks a year.  But families celebrating Hankkuah (or getting ready to celebrate it) will find this fun to play along with.

Age Range: 3 through 7

Price: $2.99


Note: I was provided a copy of this app for possible review.