The (Mostly) Compleat Foreverywhere (plus Steve Burns Interview!)

Foreverywhere album cover

Foreverywhere album cover

We're big fans of StevenSteven's Foreverywhere around these parts, so because lead Steven Steve Burns recently answered a handful of questions about the album, I thought it'd be worth the time to put together the set of videos Burns and co-Steven Steven Drozd put together for the album alongside Burns' responses.

It's just such a fun album, y'all, including the 3-song arc across the entire album telling the story of a princess and a very persistent unicorn.  You can read my review of the album (linked above) for some background on the long and winding road the duo's taken to get to this point, but at this point, enjoy the interview and the music and visuals.

Zooglobble: What was the final push or change that let this long-germinating album out into the world?

Steve Burns: We finally just said "let's do it ourselves".  It seemed like such a shame to let it fester indefinitely in the ether...and I figured it made sense with the 20th anniversary of Blue's Clues

StevenSteven - "A Fact Is a Gift That You Give Your Brain [YouTube[Note: I love this song and video so much.]

Steve Burns in concert

Steve Burns in concert

What was your motivation behind writing the three Unicorn / Princess Rainbow songs?  Did you want to tell that story and find you just couldn’t fit it into one song?  Did you want to write some songs that could fit over the arc of an album?

I really want to do something that told a story, sort of like Puff the Magic Dragon or Ziggy Stardust or Harry Nillson's "The Point". I've always loved narrative music- it's something The Flaming Lips do so well for example. We also want to take deliberately established kids entertainment "cliches" like rainbow and unicorns and sort of give them an unexpected rock and roll upgrage...if that makes sense.  Also for the record, we've been doing the whole unicorn thing since about 2008, Starbucks.

StevenSteven - "The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow" [YouTube]

The album features some very “serious” songs and some very silly ones -- how did you think about how to fit them together on the album, and whether or not they’d fit together at all?

I think if there's a thread that runs through the songs, it's about never giving up. From The Lonely Unicorn, to the song about bullying, to the one about the toilet bowl, there's a strong theme of determination and courage on the album. At least I hope there is!!!

StevenSteven - "OK Toilet Bowl" [YouTube]

Photo credit: Jeremy Slutskin