Video: "Vegetables" - Rabbit!

The Golden Carrot album cover

The Golden Carrot album cover

It's been a case of long-time-no-hear for the band Rabbit!  They released the kid-friendly album Connect the Dots in 2010, another EP called The Hopscotch EP the next year along with a cute video for their song "Magic."  

They took a hiatus for a few years starting in 2012, but now they're back with a brand new EP called The Golden Carrot EP.  The 5-song EP is out on March 21st and for the most part, the music is hook-y, bubbly pop that nobody would think was "kids music" unless somebody put it in that box for them.

One track, though, definitely has a younger audience in mind, and that's "Vegetables."  While regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of "educational" music, but just as a well-prepared dish of veggies will get kids to eat foods they need, if the song's catchy and has a sing-along chorus, you can sing about just about anything.  That's the case here, and with doctor/rapper ZDoggMD adding vocals and a cute lyric video bursting with color and energy, I think kids will want at least one serving.  Maybe more.

Rabbit! - "Vegetables" [YouTube]