Video: "Bird-Watcher Watching" - Billy Kelly

My First Comedy Album cover

My First Comedy Album cover

I once called Billy Kelly the Funniest Person in Kids Music, and that was against some tough competition.

So the release of My First Comedy Album, Kelly's (not my), er, first comedy album, while a departure, wasn't exactly a surprise.  I wouldn't exactly call it "kids' comedy," but in its good nature, curse-free patter, and being devoid of first-date and airplane food jokes, it's certainly kid-adjacent.

You could stream the entire album to see if it makes you or kids chuckle or guffaw or chortle -- man, those are some great words -- but what if you only have about 40 seconds?  Then I'd recommend his "Bird-Watcher Watching" bit, helpfully animated by Kelly himself, below.

Billy Kelly - "Bird-Watcher Watching" [YouTube]