Video: "Sol Nal" - Elena Moon Park and Friends (World Premiere!)

Rabbit Days and Dumplings cover

Rabbit Days and Dumplings cover

We haven't heard a lot from Elena Moon Park in the years since she released Rabbit Days and Dumplings, her collection of family folk songs from Asia.  It's not that she's been silent, of course, we just haven't had any new music.

And, no, I'm not about to tell you of new music... but I am here to premiere a brand new video from the album.  It's for "Sol Nal," a Korean song celebrating the New Year.  A simple video to be sure, but it features Park and Dan Zanes and Sonia de los Santos playing (and Colin Brooks messing around with a balloon animal), along with some Korean language translations.  In its good vibes and obvious camaraderie, the video fits nicely with the song, which I've always liked the song.

(By the way, if you like that camaraderie, might I suggest the upcoming Nov. 5 show with Park and de los Santos at Symphony Space?)

Elena Moon Park and Friends - "Sol Nal" [YouTube]