Video: "Players' Life" - Alphabet Rockers (World Premiere!)

Back to school season is in full swing, and the Bay Area's Alphabet Rockers have a brand-new video to help your favorite kindergartner slide back into life on the school playground.

OK, I promise that their video for "Players' Life" is, unlike my dad-joke of a sentence above, entirely cool.  The song's off their new album The Playground Zone and the video features a whole bunch of kids dancing with the duo (Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd) on a playground, a sight which in my eyes very rarely gets old.  (Choreography is courtesy of Samara Atkins from Oakland's Destiny Arts Center.)  The kids themselves are from Shepherd's son's second grade class (his son, also named Tommy, is one of the mini-me's, who might be my favorite thing about the video).  Director Julio Salcedo, who directs the Rockers' web series, keeps things moving along here, too.

Just an all-around fun little video, one I'm happy to be world-premiering here.

Alphabet Rockers - "Players' Life" [YouTube]