Video: "Entomology" (feat. Liz Vice & Laki Karavias) - Big World Audio Theatre

Entomology cover

Entomology cover

It's new music from Big World Audio Theatre!  That's right, the Portland, Oregon-based crew who gave us the big story of the Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow are back, with a look at the very small world of bugs.

Or, for those of you who like to use big words for small things: "Entomology."

The band's got a brand new jazzy, big band song about our 6-legged friends (or non-friends, depending on you or your child's attitude toward the bugs), with Liz Vice taking most of the vocal duties and Laki Karavias a small professorial part.  Karavias also directed the very slick animated lyric video, one of the nicest kindie videos I've seen in a while.  You can pick up the single on iTunes here, or just enjoy the video below.

Big World Audio Theatre - "Entomology" (feat. Liz Vice & Laki Karavias) [YouTube]