Video: "Take a Bath" - Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies (World Premiere!)

Bubble Wrap album cover

Bubble Wrap album cover

Today marks the official release date for Bubble Wrap, the brand new album from Eric Herman (and his band the Thunder Puppies).  Longtime kids music listeners will not be surprised to find out that the new album contains a mix of the silly and heartfelt, and while perhaps the Washington-based Herman has strong feelings on the issue of cleanliness, the song "Take a Bath" definitely fits on the silly end of that spectrum.

The reggae-inflected song is amusing by itself, but the cartoon visuals are particularly effective, and I suspect will amuse the youngsters.  (Hey, it amused me, so that age range might be kinda broad.)

Anyway, enjoy this world premiere video!

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies - "Take a Bath" [YouTube]