Video: "Cousin Party" - Karen K (World Premiere!)


Karen K -- AKA Karen Kalafatas -- doesn't make a lot of videos, but when she does, they're slick and they're fun.  Consider "(I Woke Up) In a Firetruck," which delighted a bunch of firetruck-obsessed preschoolers and their families and, as a result, she won the 2014 KidVid Tournament.

While that song and video featured her band the Jitterbugs, for her next album, The Blue Bike Chronicles, she's going solo.  She's also pitching her songs at an older audience, the sometimes underserved-by-kindie pre-tween population.

Today I'm pleased to be world-premiering one of the songs and videos off the forthcoming album.  It's for "Cousin Party," which turns up the music full Nashville.  The video, too, is just as slick, and features lots of party mischief by a cavalcade of cousins.  Good, poppy stuff all around.

Karen K - "Cousin Party" [YouTube]