Video: "Washington, D.C." - The Not-Its!

It's easy to make green screen technology look kinda good, but not really.  Or I don't know, maybe it's hard.  In any case, I often look at kindie-budget-level green screen technology and think, "meh."  (Maybe I've been spoiled by one two Marvel movies.)

That's why I think "Washington, D.C.," the brand new video from Seattle's The Not-Its! from their Are You Listening? album, works deceptively well.  It takes all those almost-but-not-quite settings and jettisons them for silly backgrounds.  Want to see the band be there, Forrest Gump-like, at the meeting of President Nixon and Elvis Presley?  Or be chased by a bunch of kid-CIA agents through the Oval Office as President Obama calmly reads?  Then this video, celebrating our nation's capitol and citizens' role in the political process, is for your family.  (They'll probably miss the President (Bill) Clinton joke, but that's probably for the best.)  It's slightly cheesy, but in the context of the video's script, it's pitch-perfect.

And if you dig the song -- I think you will -- grab a free download of the track below...

The Not-Its! - "Washington, D.C." [YouTube]