Video: "Walking My Cat Named Dog" - They Might Be Giants

We here at Zooglobble HQ (which, to be clear, is my house) are looking forward to the forthcoming kids music album from They Might Be Giants.  The as-yet-untitled (to the public) album would be the first kids album from the band since 2009's Here Comes Science.

I don't have much inside information, but back in April as part of their Dial-A-Song project they released a song and video for "Thinking Machine," and its trippy, animated video and meta-silly lyrics were widely interpreted as being perfect for the upcoming kids album.

And last week they released another song that most folks are thinking is definitely going on that kids album, too -- "Walking My Cat Named Dog," a remake of a song written and released by Norma Tanega back in 1966.  (The song hit #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.)  With its species-bending premise (the spiritual precursor, I suppose, of Trout Fishing in America's "Chicken Joe," about a cat named, well, you know), it seems like a swell fit for the band.

It's a mellow romp, with some witty animation from Mixtape Club.  Even if it's not on the next album, definitely one for the kiddos.

They Might Be Giants - "Walking My Cat Named Dog" [YouTube]