Video: "Tailfeather" - Josh and the Jamtones

Josh and the Jamtones Rocksteady cover

Josh and the Jamtones Rocksteady cover

Anyone who's seen Josh and the Jamtones' live show knows they are ten-ton bundle of energy.  The Boston-based ska-punk-pop band's latest album, Rocksteady, is formally released August 21, but I can say that the album very much captures that live energy in the studio setting.

One of the most revved up songs from that album gets the honor of lead single and a brand-new video to go with it.  It's for "Tailfeather," and I feel like there should be a seizure warning before it because MAN, is there a lot going on.

But the song's a bunch of fun, and the video, which basically animates a bunch of clips of the band performing in concert, pretty much nails their live energy.  I think it's great.

Josh and the Jamtones - "Tailfeather" [YouTube]