Video: "Everything's Free at the Library" - Mister G (with Massamba Diop)

I don't typically post live or in-studio videos, but then again, Sengalese musical superstar (a description I endorse, because he and Youssou N'Dour are the only Sengalese musicians I could name without resorting to the internet) Massamba Diop doesn't typically appear in kids' music videos.

But Mister G has Diop appearing with him on his upcoming June release The Bossy E, and in the in-studio live version below.  The new album has a literacy theme, so the song "Everything's Free at the Library," is a pretty good match, don't you think?  As for the video, I just like watching how much fun the duo's having.

Mister G - "Everything's Free at the Library" (live in-studio with Massamba Diop) [YouTube]