World Premiere Video: "No School Today" - Danny Weinkauf (plus free download!)

Setting aside the fact that Danny Weinkauf has not, up to this point, released a kids music album, he's got a pretty good resume -- for many years he's played bass with a little band known as They Might Be Giants and has written kids' songs for them, including "I Am a Paleontologist."

But on April 29 all that changes with the release of No School Today, his first solo collection of family-friend pop-rock, powered in part by Kickstarter.  And while you'll have to wait another 3 weeks or so to hear the whole thing, today I'm proud to world-premiere the first video from the album.

The video for "No School Today" (directed by Ryan Hanrahan) matches the good humor of the power-pop song with a little bit of lyric video and a WHOLE BUNCH OF SOCK PUPPET.  The sock puppets -- including a Weinkauf lookalike -- I can almost guarantee will bring a smile to your face (especially if you're a TMBG fan).

As a bonus, you can download the track free for the price of an e-mail address in the widget at the bottom of this post.

But really, check out the video.

Danny Weinkauf - "No School Today" [YouTube]