Video: "My Daddy's Record Collection" - Sugar Free Allstars

Perhaps you missed my interview on Record Store Day and vinyl (kindie and otherwise) with Oklahoma's Sugar Free Allstars.  Regardless of whether you did or didn't, you should check out the video below for "My Daddy's Record Collection," SFA's offering for this year's Record Store Day.  It's pretty darn simple, a lyric video with only the tiniest bit of additional action, but the song is funky ("boogie time," indeed), and you can, in fact, verify that when Chris "Boom" Wiser shouts out Waylon Jennings' theme song to The Dukes of Hazzard, he wasn't kidding.  Preorder the track at SFA's website, and if you like the idea of buying a tribute to vinyl on mp3 or listening over the computer, do so via the widget below.

Sugar Free Allstars - "My Daddy's Record Collection" [YouTube]