Video: "Empty" - Andy Mason and Joshua Belter

I'm a sucker for well-executed videos that look hand-crafted in the best possible way.  So, yeah, when a mystery fan of this video from New Mexico musician Andy Mason and author Joshua Belter (AKA Fast Time Constant) made its way into my inbox and I watched it, I dug it quite a bit.  The video is for a song called "Empty," which is the official song based on the book The Story of a Box from Belter.  (Whew, that's a slightly complicated etymology.)

The song and the accompanying video created by Dusty Deen at Red Roadrunner Productions could be interpreted as a love song, but also as a gentle anti-bullying song that illustrates its point both musically and visually using little more than tiny boxes and pieces of paper and far more effectively than most attempts in the (sub-)genre.

Andy Mason and Joshua Belter - "Empty" [YouTube]