Video: "Call Me Mista Cookie Jar" - Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

Los Angeles' C.J. Pizarro -- better known in the kindie world as Mista Cookie Jar -- seems to be nearly omnipresent these days, showing up on a number of different kindie artists' albums.

As for his own music, though, he's been a little more silent, save for the release of the first Todd and Cookie EP last year.  Why is that?  Well, in small part that's due to the fact that he's spent nearly a year hand-animating (along with the rest of The Chocolate Chips) his latest video.  It's for "Call Me Mista Cookie Jar" off his Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution album.

It's hard for me to say that anything that reduces the amount of MCJ music in the world is worth the wait, but this video?  Worth the wait.  Really beautiful retro-styled collages.

Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips - "Call Me Mista Cookie Jar" [YouTube]