Video: "Palindrome" - Dog on Fleas (Readeez-Style World Premiere)

Palindrome 1 lowres.jpg

I'm a big fan of Dog on Fleas.  I'm a big fan of Readeez.

Combine the two?  SOLD.

That's right, the merry band of brothers (metaphorically speaking) from upstate New York get help from Michael Rachap on their latest video.  Why wouldn't you when the video's for "Palindrome," one of the tracks of the Fleas' upcoming album Buy One Get One Flea?  This isn't the first time kindie's gone readee -- there are a number of 'em -- but this is the first you get to hear about (and see) the llama mall.  (That's Flea John P. Hughes, by the way, on vocals, giving Dean Jones a break -- perhaps he's thinking of more palindromes.)

Dog on Fleas - "Palindrome" (Readeez-Style) [YouTube]