Video: "Midnight Sun in the Arctic" - Elska

You'll forgive me if I don't get too excited about the onset of summer.  Just as those of you in colder climes don't tend to celebrate the start of winter (very much, anyway), I'm pretty muted about the summer solstice (this year on Friday the 21st), as we've already had some 110-degree days, and we'll have plenty more where that came from.


Having said that, I suppose I could be a little more charitable were I living in, say, Iceland, in which the land of the midnight sun is a bit cooler than here in the desert Southwest. 

So I'll just take the latest video from Elska as an opportunity to relax and imagine  myself cooling off.  It's for "Midnight Sun in the Arctic" from Middle of Nowhere  and, yes, it was filmed in the midnight hour(s) in Iceland.

Elska - "Midnight Sun in the Arctic" [YouTube