Weekly Summary (4/15/12 - 4/21/12)

I'll be making my way to Kindiefest later this week, and as I'm prepping my presentation for Saturday afternoon, time to post here will be at a minimum.  Still, I added quite a bit of stuff over the last 7 days...

Blog:  Pointed Man Band Kickstarts Itself / Video: "Bunny in the Moon" - DidiPop / Interview: C.J. Pizarro (Mista Cookie Jar)

Videos: "Jackie Robinson" - Ellis Paul / "Whistling Song" (Live) - Cat Doorman / "Banana on the Head!" - The Flannery Brothers / "Rocketbox" - Umigo (feat. Bootsy Collins)

Listen to Music: "Kevin from the Internet and Lady Tomato" - Chicken Weebus / Chocolalala - Mister G

Free Music:  None this week...

Kids Music Reviews: None this week...

Upcoming Releases: You should be eager for late spring / early summer

Kindie Week in Review: Episode 12: Kindie on Ice

My Other Other GigHello, iTunes!