Pointed Man Band Kickstarts Itself

Let's see... a new Portland band attempting to Kickstart a brand new album that features guitars, middle school choirs, and pots and pans.  Whose first song, I would add, celebrates the Krampus.  And whose album titles echoes -- intentionally or not -- Tom Waits.


This could be hipster overload.

But I think after you listen to "Grandmother's Invisible Duck," a demo track from the album, I think you might just be interested in pledging to Dan Elliott's Kickstarter for the Pointed Man Band.  I think most of the readers here would think there's already no distinction between children's music and real music, but I also think those same families will warm to the handmade sound.

A little bit Telephone Company, a little bit Dog on Fleas, with a touch of Sufjan Stevens (and not just song-title-wise) -- I'm eager to hear the final result.

Also: If the criterion was solely new kindie bands, Portland has probably taken over the title of Kindiest City in America.