Weekly Summary (3/25/12 - 3/31/12)

A day late and a dollar short... meaning, a day later than I'd hope to have posted this and not quite as much stuff (only seven new items, plus upcoming releases), but still plenty for your perusal.

Blog: Monday Morning Smile - "The Birthday Card"

Videos: "Laurie and Me" - Laurie Berknert (from Sing It, Laurie!) 

Listen to Music: The Monkey Dance (All the Kids Are Doin' It) - The Sweet Colleens / Easy - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo / Family Values - Charity and the JAMband 

Free Music: Freebee (Sampler) - Yumzah! (Steve Lee) 

Kids Music Reviews: Sad panda... none.

Upcoming Releases: It's spring.  Always new news this time of year.

Podcasts: Kindie Week in Review Episode 9: A Broader Set of Swag