"Felt Around the World" Felt Around... the Country, At Least


One year and one day ago, we premiered the video for "Felt Around the World," a song by Hand Aid, a collection of kindie puppets standing up -- er, they would be if they had any feet -- for puppet equality.

Regardless of whether you missed it last April 1, or you felt it [wait for it...] surround you with love, take a couple minutes and watch the video.

OK, so maybe I was having a little fun.

OK, a lot of fun.

And I couldn't have had that much fun if Jack Forman from Recess Monkey hadn't helped turn my music and lyrics into an actual song.

Nor could I have had that much fun if more than a dozen kindie puppets hadn't lent their talents to the song and the video.

But here's the best part -- thanks to those of you who purchased a copy of the single or who played it on air, we've been able to make a donation of nearly $300 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, which reflects all proceeds after the mastering and mixing costs of the album.

It's a small amount, but between the donation and the warm and fuzzy feeling [wait for it...] that song gives listeners, I think it's a big result.  Thanks, everyone!